Zen Cart

Zen Cart is an on-line eCommerce platform. It is open source, PHP-based which is using MySQL as databases and HTML components. It is one of the best free shopping carts around. it is perfect choice of less technically people who want a simple e-commerce solution for their businesses. it bases on osCommerce but totally independent from it.


1. Freely downloadable.
2. Free plug ins available.
3. Standard marketing tools i.e coupons, newsletters and gift cards.
4. It has strong community support from it’s Forum.
5. Very easy set-up and installation.
6. It’s Back end is extremely customizable.
7. It has a powerful product inventory management system.
8. A lot of free, customizable plug ins.
9. It has basic reporting I.e products purchased, low stock products and customer orders.
10. It has friendly forum.
11. Active development team.
12. Ready immediately.
13. It support multi languages and currencies.

Pros and Cons of Zen Cart are:


1. Cost effective as it is available for free.
2. ZenCart allows easy customization.
3. Large number of developers community available.
4. It is mature and stable as compared to others.
5. It is more secure.
6. Number of Payment methods.

Cons :
1. Difficult up gradation.
2. Integration with add-ons is complex.
3. It lacks automatic marketing tools.
4. It becomes slow when large number of products being added.


1. Installation and set up of ZenCart.
2. Designing
3. Customization and Integration of ZenCart modules.
4. Development of shopping cart.
5. Up gradation of services.
6. ZenCart custom template designing.
7. ZenCart search engine optimization.
8. ZenCart maintenance.