Python Django Developers

Python is a general purpose widely used high-level programming language. Its design emphasizes the code readability, and its syntax allows developers to express concepts in few lines of code.Python supports multiple programming paradigms i.e imperative, object-oriented and procedural styles.

Features of Python:

1. It is a simple language.
2. Easy to learn
3. Free and open source.
4. It is a high level programming language.
5. Extensive support of multiple libraries.
6. Supports procedure-oriented as well as object-oriented programming approach.
7. It encourages programmers to write readable code.
8. It contains lots of data structure i.e number, lists etc.

Pros and Cons:


1. Interactive.
2. Modular.
3. Dynamic.
4. High-level.
5. Portable.
6. Extensible in C and C++.
7. Amazing library support.
8. Also used as scripting Language.
9. Cleaner syntax.


1. Force programmers to follow certain conventions.
2. Codes will not work if indentation is incorrect.
3. Python is slow as compared to c/c++.


1. Python Programming for Web Development with Django Framework.
2. Google app engine/ heroku cloud platform development.
3. UI Design.
4. Python Desktop Application Development.
5. API development for mobile and web apps.
6. Responsive design for mobile/tablets.