Keyword Analysis & Audit

Unfortunately, not all of the websites are created to be Search Engine-friendly. Search engines are designed to give relevant results based on words that are typed in.

What is an search engine optimization (SEO) Audit?

It is a detailed look at the state of websites SEO. A website audit would be the perfect starting point for an SEO campaign and provide the insights necessary to make a difference in the search engines.

The purpose of SEO Audits is to analyse both your website’s technical condition, the competitive landscape your company is in and come up with a strategy to better promote your own business.

Get an affordable SEO Audit Report for your website and also find out exactly how you can improve your Search Engine Performance. Then you can either make these changes yourself or let us to do it for you.
Your website will be analysed to see how well optimised each page is for different search engines i.e Google, Yahoo and Bing.
We will analyse your websites Search Engine Visibility, Semantics, Meta Tags, Images, Links and Content . We will identify issues and provide you with the details to resolve them.


Which keywords are the best for search engine optimization? and How do you find the appropriate keywords for your target audience?

Keyword research is to identify the search terms people are using to find different services or products on different search engines. So that by using these keywords search engine optimization can b enhanced of any website.
So we will enrich your web content using these keywords to increase your web presence on search engines by finding :
1. What people are searching mostly.
2. How they are searching the products or services.
3. Which keyword phrases drive the most of the traffic.
4. Industry Specific Keywords.
5. Related Keywords to your product or service.